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  • Foundation for OET Admin IILT -
    Foundation for OET is an online learning platform empowering and enabling candidates who are planning to take their Exams and ensure their excellence in handling English language as required. Why Foundation for OET ? It aims at assisting every aspirant to master English language regardless of their fear, lack of confidence, communication skills etc. Our language experts will meet all your needs instilling basic grammar and enhancing confidence and proficiency in communication. We assure you this guaranteed course will equip you with the strategies, tools, tips and tricks to ace your OET language, Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking modules.
    105 Lessons 31:19:23 Hours Malayalam Beginner
    ₹3999 ₹3999
    10 Ratings
  • PRE-IELTS Admin IILT -
    This is a specially crafted English training programme of IILT to remedy all language deficiencies in non-native English speakers. Our structured and scientific approach examines and equips learners with the fundamentals of English. The course covers all the essential areas for completing IELTS. Timely assessment tests are administered according to the IELTS’ test evaluation criteria to assess the grammar and language level of each candidate. It is reported in detail and based on which IILT provides necessary training and helps each one overcome their language incompetence.
    144 Lessons 41:53:19 Hours English Beginner
    ₹2999 ₹3500
    1 Ratings
  • OET(Occupational English Test) Admin IILT -
    OET is the English language test designed for the healthcare sector. The goal of the OET department in IILT is to help and assist candidates to achieve their desired OET grade. Our well-trained tutors having ample background in healthcare professions are intimately aware of the hurdles OET students face with language. They provide unparalleled individual attention to them. The syllabus includes OET Listening, OET Reading, OET Writing and OET Speaking.
    147 Lessons 45:42:47 Hours Malayalam Advanced
    ₹4499 ₹4499
    2 Ratings
  • OET Listening Admin IILT -
    General: OET tests the four-language skills of a candidate in which the first one is Listening. Through this pack IILT provides a sound knowledge to the candidates who wish to get B score in Listening. Specific: The Listening tutorials help the candidates to overcome the difficulties of Listening. These videos give general introduction to listening, cover a wide range of topics, provide tips and strategies to develop the skill and supply sufficient practice materials. The sessions are specific and time-bound therefore the candidates can prepare systematically and do the exams confidently.
    24 Lessons 11:35:21 Hours Malayalam Advanced
    ₹1499 ₹1499
    0 Ratings
  • OET Reading Admin IILT -
    The reading classes in IILT Learning platform is a visually rich format helps the students improve their reading skills effectively with standard supporting materials, FAQ’s etc. and enable them to tackle the three parts in the OET Reading exams.
    19 Lessons 10:22:09 Hours Malayalam Advanced
    ₹1499 ₹1499
    0 Ratings
  • OET Writing Admin IILT -
    47 Lessons 09:57:01 Hours Malayalam Advanced
    0 Ratings