High School/Higher Secondary Grammar

Enrol for IILT’s “Cornerstones of the English Language” program to bolster your English language skills. This specially crafted course developed by IILT will help you develop your English language skills at your pace by allowing you to focus on the areas in English grammar that are really holding you back. Our structured and scientific approach examines and teaches the logic behind English language acquisition and makes it easy for you to appropriate, absorb and use the language.

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What will i learn?
  • THIS course will help you improve your English Grammar

Curriculum for this course
23 Lessons 13:29:05 Hours
23 Lessons 13:29:05 Hours
  • Introduction 00:33:05
  • Subject 00:37:22
  • Verb 01:18:37
  • Am 00:57:24
  • Are 00:22:47
  • Was And Were Class 1 00:28:18
  • Was And Were Class 2 00:26:19
  • Do 01:12:49
  • Does 00:57:44
  • Did 00:39:00
  • Have 00:28:23
  • Has 00:16:12
  • Will 00:23:06
  • Had 00:17:36
  • Do or Does in Sentence 1 00:31:43
  • Do or Does in Sentence 2 00:35:03
  • Do or Does in Sentence 3 00:17:14
  • Is /Am /Are +Verb+ ing 00:36:08
  • Is /Am /Are +Verb+ ing & Has/Have+ Verb (past participle) 00:45:26
  • Was / Were+ Verb+ing 00:22:42
  • Had /Verb( Past Participle) 00:19:36
  • Will be /Will have 00:21:15
  • Passive Voice 00:41:16
  • Basic level proficiency in the English language
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Are you in 8th Std - 12th Std in school? Do you feel crippled by your language? Are you getting ready to conquer the world but feel like your English language skills could let you down?

This course covers all areas of communication using English. Special emphasis has been given to helping students in classes from 8 - 12 score an A in their language studies.
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The International Institute of Language and Training (IILT Pvt. Ltd.) is the fastest-growing language training institute that aims to offer the best English language training programs and coaching in Kerala.

Our mission is to ignite eager minds and create lifelong learners. The concept and format was envisioned by a group of English language experts and medical professionals who seek to help learners master language skills. At IILT, we’ve built on the promise of educating inquiring, inquisitive minds. We offer our students and nurses quality education programs where they can efficiently develop their proficiency in the English language. We’ve decoupled learning from the traditional classroom and reached out to accommodate students along learning paradigms, pedagogies, mapping successful outcomes with blended programs and multichannel offerings. Our goal is to not just train and develop candidates who can pass their respective English language tests but also serve as a premier English coaching academy. We are invested in innovating creative education and language programs, with a focus on student outcomes, research, scholarship, retention of expert faculty, and corporate philanthropy.

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